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tv   [untitled]    August 1, 2010 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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of sources, hydro electric power but also all the power that comes to people's homes in san francisco across the network comes from a variety of sources, many of which includes the burning of fossil fuels. we do not power san francisco solely on renewable. >> i get it, this is why i agreed to the amendment to specifically exempt electricity coming in on the grid. if your intent is not to create some fossil fuel power to the system, then you will heat with heaters that are electric and there are other lines that come in. even if the origin of the
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electricity is from natural gas- fired power plants and contra costa county, that is fine. >> the fear is that fossil fuel- powered districts and heating and cooling systems could be interpreted to mean that the district is the distribution network within the site. it just seems incredibly over brought. we were perfectly comfortable in clarifying no fossil fuel power plants. i would be happy to consider but i don't know how to articulate it.
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if you describe this as a power plant but as a district based teaching system, that is possibly what we are getting at. >> that is hard to find out. i ask your support for this as it is currently amended. >> can we take a vote on the power plant language?
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>> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> no. >> no. >> aye.
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>> the motion passes. >> a motion to rescind. can we take a motion to rescind? courts without objection. -- >> without objection. >> no. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> aye. >> no. >> no. >> aye.
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>> the motion fails. >> i have an alternate motion which basically would be the language would remove the references to fossil fuel- powered district heating and cooling system instead replace this with district steam loop. >> can we get where the patient of the impact? >> i have no idea. >> this would be a way around it -- i am trying to figure out how
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we actually prohibit the power plants being cited in this project. a district steam loop would most likely be gas-fired heating system. it would basically have the same impact as a power plant in terms of fossil fuel burning. you would not call it that, you would call it something different. instead, the district steam would. >> the motion has been made. is there a second?
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>> it fails for a lack of a second. is there any thing else in regards to power plants? >> i will move that we do what he did. that is a motion. >> the motion as a maid that the original language will be amended if it is included and removes fossil fuel references only to district heating and cooling systems. can we take that without objection? that passes. there's one final amendment regarding the additional standards with regard to to the project in of standards. will we take a roll-call vote on that? >> i can read for clarity what the languages which will be discussed.
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one slight caveat added, to the extent that final remedies have not already been selected, the board of supervisors shall conduct hearings regarding the potential final strategies for each project parcel at the shipyard before any final remedies are selected and urges that the navy and to the epa and california epa participate in any of these hearings. >> which parcells has been selected? does that mean that we will get hearings on which parcels? >> they are the ones that the final remedy that has not been selected. i honestly believe that that is imminent within days. i don't know if you have time to have hearing.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> that amendment is accepted. any final amendments.
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my understanding is that the votes need to proceed in the following order. i would like to suggest that we vote and then we go to closing statements. we need to vote on the ceqa findings. we should vote on the redevelopment plan. then, we can vote on the rest of the matters together which would be items 12, 14, 28-36. let's go to closing comments?
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>> i just want to take a moment and i really want to thank supervisor maxwell has been one of my closest colleagues over the past years, 8 years on this board. i have such enormous respect for her integrity and the difficult challenges that she has faced bringing change to her district. i believe that this is a very important step for the city. this is a step to make this one city and step to take the time that we appreciative when there was a more vibrant african- american community in this city. there was not much opportunity for people to speak their minds and express things that many of the things i have heard and read from people as reflected on a very different time for the neighborhood. it was a time of vibrancy and
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middle-class and working-class families. all of us in my district, they have not been able to move forward. i am not voting with this in the expectation that immediately legions of people will be hired. there has been a strong standard that has been established to your that we want to see this area are being mediated. this is an area that you can live and thrive and as you would in any other part of san francisco. i want to thank the stakeholders, particularly, the liberal community who got their hands, rolled up their sleeves, and said that we don't want to stand on the sidelines.
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we want to honor the working class families that we have lost in san francisco and particularly in the african- american community. i don't think that we will ever see that restored. i want to really think a lot of people. commissioner lee roy king is here who has been on the commission four years. there is leadership in this city. time after time again, challenging those of us in positions of elected office and a point of office to move forward and to make things happen. i think about someone that i watched as a board aid of a shot . there should be a vibrant reuse
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plan in san francisco. as with most things, there is division, controversy, and i appreciate that. that is part of the process and that gives us the opportunity to make things better. i want to thank sophie and say that she has been steadfast for over a decade in getting us to this point. >> i mentioned it late at night but i will mention it more briefly right now. when i was first elected here, i was elected to talk about affordable housing. i was reelected to talk about affordable housing and i spent probably half of my time here talking about affordable housing. in terms of unfinished business, real resources dedicated for
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affordable housing, this is something that the board, the mayor, and the city, needs to tackle. i think that the state of affairs and the needs that are out there, michael cohen getting up and saying 1400 units of 10,005 wondered, that is great. -- out of 1800. that shows you how much work we need to do on the issue of affordable housing. despite my battles with the lennar corp. through the mail and through politically and what not, this that and the other, both here, charlie walker, stiffing my constituents who are homeless. my first motion tonight passed on affordability. even with my concerns about
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environmental issues and what not. the affordability was there in the plan despite other shortcomings that i would be voting in favor of. we the promised all of this in the 60 ponce and 70's. they did not build this for us. that is one to be the legacy. that is unfortunate. i hope that the african-american community in san francisco can weather this and lives on. i hope that poor people can continue to make their way here in the city of st. francis. i'm not sure that that will be in the cards. i will see more of a paris and
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vienna type of situation. hopefully, this is the resolve and determination and the communities of color and low income community is to keep struggling in the making projects like this that don't really have them forced -- first and foremost. i will be casting a dissenting vote. >> thank you, mr. president. i don't want to be labor the point. i think many points have been made. >> i made it clear what my preference was as a supporter of this proposition f.
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i think that what we have to follow is a different analysis and this is one that hasted to first with the environmental issues that came before us and the adequacy of the -- i have yet to see a perfect project and i have yet to see a project that ad addresses all of the issues that need to be addressed, especially a project of this complexity or magnitude. let me say that i am very appreciative for all the people that have worked on this issue whether it is the proponents of the project, the project sponsors, staff, or the opponent. everyone who has participated has made this project a better project. i have learned a lot and i think
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for me, this is probably one of the most difficult decisions i have had to make simply because of the magnitude and complexity of all of the issues that have been involved. in the end, with something as controversial and difficult, there will be people who will be happy or unhappy with whatever choice you make but i am trying to make the best choice that i can. i am satisfied that even though there are issues that this -- that remain, other amendments have been made. >> the one to make sure that we
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don't lose sight of the many benefits that come through with this project. these are unrealized into housing or details. we are looking at 10,000 jobs that are coming from the additional organizations and businesses supported. i want to make sure that we don't lose sight of that in terms of the housing assistance in terms of the community benefits.
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i think this is a positive project for san francisco. >> thank you, colleagues. this has been a several year project for you. hats off to what you have been able to accomplish. [applause] we know that there has been many strong feelings on both sides of this issue. this is san francisco. there are many strong opinions on this issue. fortunately, we have democratic
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institutions with procedures that move us through decisions and that is what we have done. i don't look at these as the ending. this is really the beginning. >> i want to thank all of you, your amendments, those of you will not be able to. that would be unfortunate but sometimes that happens. i also want to thank all of the city staff to have been in this project for a long time. some have had payments come in
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and now have three or four kids. some have been married. you have been on this project for a long time and a want to thank you. i would like to think labor because without you, i don't think you would be here. you coming in and understanding and hopefully you will continue understanding that we all have an obligation to each other. when we start talking about local hiring, you will be there making sure that people who live here, people who live and alice griffith or all over here will be employed. we are continuing to work on
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this. this city will truly be won from one hill to the other. thank you. . [applause] >> with that, if we could move to a vote on item 27. >> aye. >>aye. >> aye. >> aye. no. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> the resolution is adopted. can we move to items 11 and 13? >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> no. >> aye. >> aye. >> can we now do 12, 13, 14? >> aye. >> aye.
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>> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >>no. >> aye. >> aye. >> those items are adopted and the ordinances are passed in the first reading. congratulations.
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>> let >> welcome back to the board of
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supervisors meeting of tuesday, july 27th, 2010. if we can go back to item 42, 43, regarding community policing and foot beat patrols. there might be a filibuster of our effort to resolve this issue. i have had a chance to look at the board rules and section 305 of the code to look at the rules. here is my perspective. the supervisor has engaged in dilatory motions which are defined under robert's rules of order which are designed to forward the rules of the assembly as clearly indicated by


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